Where some may see problems, A players see opportunities. What do you see when you look at the calendar in front of you? Do you see mountains to climb? Does it excite you or intimidate you? What is your reaction when something goes wrong in the office? Or when a sudden setback comes your way? 
I had a friend once who lived in Nashville in a very nice home. This home was struck by lightning and created a hole in his roof and hit the first floor. They went running out in the middle of the storm and I saw him two days after and asked how are you doing, and he said ” we are so blessed” he said, “we have great insurance and we have a writer that said they would provide a place for us to stay for 2 years. so they are replacing our home and built my wife a brand new home and rented us a house in the same neighborhood and we won’t have any rent or mortgage for two years and we won’t have to pay for anything needed. I feel blessed. And I asked myself “what does this situation make possible that wasn’t possible 3 days ago?” what the enemy meant for bad, God used for good. He saw an opportunity where some might have only seen a problem.
This is the mindset I am talking about. The A player sees the opportunities that are ahead, not the challenges that are ahead. They get excited when they see a challenge because they know it will grow them! As this article explains “You have to train your brain to see good in everything and to evaluate what is in your control and what is not in your control.”
This takes a powerful mindset, and it’s a tool that will come in handy in every area of your life. In times of crisis or when you are in over your head, the best thing to do is not panic but pause. Our natural tendency is to get overwhelmed, panic, and do something about it immediately. There is power in the pause. When we take a second to pause, we can check in with our thoughts and make sure they are aligned with the truth. Is this as bad as we think? Where can I find the good? How can I take this on as a challenge, and think of a solution rather than running frantically? Here are 10 ways you can help develop a strong mindset.
As a parent, our kids need to see us model this.
As a boss, our employees need to see us model this.
And when looking for people on your team, this is a quality to look for.
Watch as they react to problems that arise. Do they panic or do they get excited? Do they look for solutions or do they feel defeated when they don’t understand something? A players love a good challenge, and they fight to see the good in everything! 
I hope you enjoyed this series and find it helpful not only for yourself but for your business! If you haven’t had the chance to read the previous 5 blog articles in this series, I highly recommend checking them out! I’d love to hear what you think so send in an email or drop a comment and let me know what you found to be the most helpful! To read a previous post written on “The mindset reboot” check it out here!

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