A restful night’s sleep is like a computer reboot. Science says we need an average of 8 hours of sleep each night. When you sleep, your mind resets and your brain dumps all the information that you received that day. Every new day is a fresh start, with a brand new clear page of the paper. We get a nightly mindset reboot.

You get the opportunity to reprogram your mind every single day. See, this is more than about rest or sleep. This is about a mindset. This is about every single day, setting yourself up for a win. 

What will you do with your new page? How will you program your day?

Your brain is the largest it’s going to be all day in the morning – this is why it’s crucial to use that mental focus wisely.


Here’s what not to do with that time:


  1. Check your emails 
  2. Talk with others
  3. Think about the previous day/worries and concerns
  4. Rush


What we do upon waking up after those 8 hours will determine the rest of our day. We often want to jump right to getting things done, or straight to that cup of coffee, and bypass what we really need. Hydration. And I’m talking about more than just water. We need to fill ourselves back up by setting good rituals in place that become our daily habits.

The best way to begin your day is with gratitude. Start off by giving thanks! Next, focus on how God sees you. Before going into your tasks, meetings, and getting into work mode, first, take a moment to be filled with God’s love for you. He sees you for more than just a leader, business owner, etc… You are his child, and he is pleased with you. Every morning, before you even do a thing, he is proud of you. This will keep us from performance-based work, and keep us living from a place of identity and resting in his love for us.

Next, sit down and write out your expectations for the day. How do you want your day to go? What needs to get done? Make a list, set your goals, and get ready for a win. 

When we are filled with hope and vision, we live differently. We are focused, determined, full of joy, and resilient. 

So here’s my challenge for you. Starting on Monday, try this out for a full week. Focus on getting enough sleep, implementing your morning routine, starting your day with gratitude, setting your goals, drinking lots of water (before coffee), and setting yourself up for a win with daily habits. Take full advantage of your mindset reboot. 


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