Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors: Introduction

Productivity Plan


So many of my friends in ministry have similar struggles. Even in our individual ministries, we face similar hurdles and challenges. One of the most common difficulties in ministry is having margin in our lives. About a year ago, I posted a blog about my 50-10-01 Productivity Plan. In that post, I outlined the plan I developed for my coaching clients to help them maximize productivity by creating margin in their lives. I really believe that this super simple plan can revolutionize your life professionally, personally, and spiritually. (more…)

Ministry Monday: Delegating Without Fear



Ministry is one of those things that was meant to be done in community. A team will outperform an individual every time. Working on a team increases productivity, improves results, and makes the whole experience more fun. But it’s important to remember that being on a team requires trust. As leaders, we carry the weight of responsibility directly on our shoulders. To trust our teammates to come along side us to carry that burden is to delegate without fear. Loosening our grip and delegating tasks will take our ministries and churches to the next level, but that is often easier said than done.

When we delegate, we should do so with intention. Delegation is not a way to shirk responsibilities or to pass along onerous tasks; instead, it’s a method by which we can empower our team and foster growth. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek to delegate well. (more…)

Ministry Monday: Open Doors and Divine Opportunities


A few months ago, I wrote a blog about the difference between your call and your assignment. In that post, I shared the journey I have been on through my relationship with God, specifically over the last two years. I have been a youth pastor, a lead pastor, a salesman, and a coach over the course of my career, but each assignment has strengthened my relationship with God. My assignment has changed over the years, but my call has remained the same.

Part of this journey, however, has been learning to hear the voice of God when he changes that assignment. Not every open door is a divine appointment. When you are investing in yourself and investing in success, exciting opportunities will present themselves. Other people will see how hard you are working; your commitment to excellence will be visible to the people around you. As a result, opportunities will come your way. It is your job, however, to determine which leaps are worth taking.

I believe these decisions will impact your relationship with God in a significant way. I don’t believe you can be disqualified from your assignment based on one wrong choice, but I do believe that the decisions we make have a substantial impact on our ability to become who God is calling us to be. Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine whether your open door is actually a divine opportunity. (more…)

Ministry Monday: Consistency Over Everything


Imagine with me that you were planting a church. Over the last few months, you have held interest meetings, you have built your team, you have advertised and marketed your first service in the community. You chose a meeting time and place; you have invited people to your new church. Months of build up have led to your first service. But on that first Sunday, you sleep through your alarm and miss the service. What would happen to all of the people who showed up to be a part of your new church only to find you were not there? What would happen if the doors were locked, the parking lot was closed, and none of your team was there to welcome them? I can tell you that if I was one of those people, I would never come back. I would no longer trust you; as a matter of fact, I would be angry with you for wasting my time. The reality is that no matter how good you are, if you aren’t consistent, people will not trust you. You can be an amazing leader, but if you don’t show up when you say you will, follow through on your promises, and act consistently, no one will follow you. Consistency is the most important part of your ministry. (more…)

Worker Realization Model: Team Culture Wrap-Up

Team Culture


As we bring this series to a close, I just want to encourage you on your journey. Building a team is one of the most challenging things we will do in ministry. Its harder than preaching, more difficult than praying, and requires more effort than even your largest event. But as challenging as it may be, every ounce of effort you put into creating your team culture will produce exponential results. This work is not in vain; your ministry and your volunteers will grow and be blessed as you utilize this process.

Before we move on, lets refresh our memory on the four steps of this model. (more…)

Worker Realization Model Step 4: Appreciation – Part Two

Appreciation part 2


Last week, we discussed the importance of showing appreciation. We learned why it matters as well as the message it sends. If you missed last week’s post, you can catch up here. This week, are going to lay out some practical tips and tricks for having a happy, healthy, and committed team by creating a culture of appreciation.

Every church and team has a different culture. When you are looking to appreciate your people, you need to find what works in your context. No matter your budget or your environment, however, there are six guidelines to keep in mind. Appreciation should be: (more…)

Worker Realization Model Step 4: Appreciation – Part One



When was the last time you felt appreciated? Perhaps your spouse went out of their way to thank you for doing something for your family; maybe someone in your ministry sent you a message letting you know how grateful they are for the time you devote to your job. How did that recognition make you feel? I have no doubt that it made you feel good! We all want to be appreciated and recognized. But being appreciated not only feels great, it also motivates us to keep going.

There are two possible definitions for the word appreciate – first, it is “a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude.” The word can also mean an “increase in value.” I believe both definitions are applicable when it comes to appreciating our volunteers.

A systematic approach to volunteer appreciation is vital on a healthy team. When building that system, however, there are a few things to consider. Any time you appreciate someone, you are reinforcing behavior and communicating a message. I believe two things are important messages to get across when you are looking to appreciate with excellence: gratitude and value. Let’s break these down a little bit before we move on. (more…)

Worker Realization Model: Step Three – Training Pt. 2

Training pt 2


About a year ago, I posted a blog inspired by Kobe Bryant. Bryant retired as one of the most controversial and talented men to ever play in the NBA. In his final game, Kobe scored 60 points. In his career, he won five championships with the same team. Kobe was a force to be reckoned with on the court, making him the backbone of the LA Lakers for the entirety of his career. Love him or hate him, Kobe demanded attention with his skill alone. But the excellence that Kobe exemplified throughout his career does not happen on accident. Talent and gifts were activated when met with proper training.

Talent and gifts are activated when met with proper training. Click To Tweet

Bryant’s talent got him started, but natural gifts alone were not enough to make him an international icon. He has given interviews in which he explains his training methods. He watched hours of game times, spent an incredible amount of energy in the gym, and devoted his life to becoming the best ball player he could be. The training he committed himself to and participated in impacted not only his career, but his life as a whole. (more…)