A few months ago, I wrote a blog about the difference between your call and your assignment. In that post, I shared the journey I have been on through my relationship with God, specifically over the last two years. I have been a youth pastor, a lead pastor, a salesman, and a coach over the course of my career, but each assignment has strengthened my relationship with God. My assignment has changed over the years, but my call has remained the same. Part of this journey, however, has been learning to hear the voice of God when he changes that assignment. Not every open door is a divine appointment. When you are investing in yourself and investing in success, exciting opportunities will present themselves. Other people will see how hard you are working; your commitment to excellence will be visible to the people around you. As a result, opportunities will come your way. It is your job, however, to determine which leaps are worth taking. I believe these decisions will impact your relationship with God in a significant way. I don’t believe you can be disqualified from your assignment based on one wrong choice, but I do believe that the decisions we make have a substantial impact on our ability to become who God is calling us to be. Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine whether your open door is actually a divine opportunity.

  1. Listen.

    The voice of God will speak when you quiet yourself long enough to hear it. As pastors and ministry leaders, we are accustomed to being decision makers. We make the calls, form the plans, and execute the strategies. Our lives revolve around creating opportunities for other people to have an encounter with God; so much so, in fact, that its easy to miss the voice of God as we get caught up in the busyness of ministry. Set aside time to be still before the Lord before you make any decisions. [bctt tweet="The voice of God will speak when you quiet yourself long enough to hear it." username="dukematlock"]
  2. Assess.

    Does this opportunity bring you closer to what God is calling you to do? If you feel called to reach a specific people group, remember them. Right now, you are building your legacy. Does this opportunity bring you closer to achieving those goals? Assess this opportunity and remember that every assignment leads us to the next. Make sure this is a journey you want to take.
  3. Trust.

    No one knows you better than you do. I read an article recently that mentioned a lack of passion and purpose as a sign it may be time to switch careers. I believe that sometimes the Spirit prepares you for transition long before the opportunity presents itself. Trust the leading of the Holy Spirit even when it scares you; have faith that God is taking you where you need to go. Odds are, you’ll feeling it coming long before the door opens.
We all have a desire to succeed. We want to climb mountains, take new ground, and leave a legacy of excellence. Those desires, coupled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are the building blocks for our calling. But we have to remember that following the call of God is a journey to take, not a task to be accomplished. It is on this journey that we find various assignments. We will probably not climb the same mountain every day for the rest of our lives. We will climb until God lifts our eyes to the horizon and shows us a new challenge; then, we’ll start again. [bctt tweet="Following the call of God is a journey to take, not a task to be accomplished." username="dukematlock"]


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