As we bring this series to a close, I just want to encourage you on your journey. Building a team is one of the most challenging things we will do in ministry. Its harder than preaching, more difficult than praying, and requires more effort than even your largest event. But as challenging as it may be, every ounce of effort you put into creating your team culture will produce exponential results. This work is not in vain; your ministry and your volunteers will grow and be blessed as you utilize this process. Before we move on, lets refresh our memory on the four steps of this model.  

  1. Inspire.

    If we want to build healthy teams, we must first communicate a strong vision. I read an article recently that described a healthy vision as “one that focuses action, provides direction, and inspires your stakeholders in all parts of life to move in a direction you choose.” We may not have stakeholders, but we do have volunteers. If we want them to enjoy their ministries, they have to feel inspired.
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  1. Discover.

    When we think about the word discover, we most likely think about trying to discern whether this person will fit in our department. Quite often we have our own internal checklist with which we judge prospective team members. I would argue, however, that discovery is less about what we want to learn about them, and more about what they need to learn about themselves.
  1. Train.

    Your team culture and values are the lifeblood of your ministry. No matter how amazing your new volunteer may be, they must truly become a part of the team to be effective. Training is the only way to bring them into the fold. Additionally, as you impart your vision and values, cultivate skills that will not only make them excellent volunteers, but also better people. You will experience ministry and teamwork at a higher level when you take the time to invest in your people.
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  1. Appreciate.

    Every person longs to be recognized, valued, and loved. When you appreciate your team, you meet those emotional needs. An appreciated volunteer is a happy, committed, and motivated. Invest your time, energy, and resources into appreciating your people; your ministry will grow as a result.
  We have spent the last few weeks outlining this process for a simple purpose: you need a team. Ministry is not a one man show; it was created to be done in community. As you grow your team, you as a leader will grow along with it. Make your team a priority; care for them, give to them, and invest in their growth.    


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