No piece of technology in the last century has shifted the way our society functions and communicates as dramatically as the smartphone. iPhones, Droids, and all their counterparts have changed everything from the way we check the weather to how we travel and most importantly, how we communicate with others. With the creation of these apps always within arms reach, comes an amazing opportunity for leaders in the making to take hold of.

One of the most dynamic of all these is the YouVersion Bible app. The Bible app has significantly changed the culture of reading the word of God and it is critical for Christian leaders to keep up, lest they be left behind. The app and all of its mobile features have made Bible reading accessible to anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re standing in line at an airport or sitting down for your lunch break, God’s word is now always available for you and your team(s) to dive into. 

For those who have wondered just how they’ll ever get through the entire Bible, YouVersion offers many guided plans to help you accomplish these goals, whatever they may be. Or, for those who are more interested in seeking wisdom on certain subjects, YouVersion offers topical devotional plans on everything from leadership to specific spiritual issues to help people overcome and relate to people like them. No matter which plan you choose, you can highlight, bookmark, and create imagery based on verses that spoke to you most. As a leader, could the function of record keeping and digital note taking while reading your Bible help you to be better?

Best of all for leaders, YouVersion offers the ease of facilitating a group reading plan through its “read with friends” option. All you have to do is invite the people you want to grow with. It’s bible study for the digital age. How can you utilize this piece of technology to help lead yourself or your team members this month? Is it through a group reading plan or a goal to read the Bible in a certain timeframe? How can you use this tool to help you in your own personal growth?

You can start with a simple download of YouVersion today. With over 1,900 versions of the Bible available, leaders can compare and contrast and find the version that most speaks to them and helps them become their best selves. How can you start using YouVersion as a leadership tool in your organization or staff today? 


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