Have you ever thought “if only I had the resources, time, money, then I would….” We all have areas of lack in our lives and feel as though we are not enough for the dreams inside of us. But God isn’t looking at how we feel or what we have to offer, but what He’s placed within our hands.

We all have what it takes for the calling and dreams in our lives. We may not have everything we wish we had, but we have something. And when we use what we have, we will begin to see that God takes the little and turns it into more than we could have imagined. Any dream starts in a seed form. A seed so small sometimes it can barely be seen, but once we start to water and tend to that seed, that’s when we start to see growth.

Trees don’t grow overnight and neither do you and I.

You have what it takes, but there are seasons to this thing called life. And we want to encourage you with 3 types of seasons you will walk through in this journey.

1. The season of dreaming

This is the season where the dream is deposited. God drops something in your spirit and you begin to dream with Him about the future. You get ideas and visions regarding your future that is both exciting and terrifying. This is a fun season to be in but if we don’t make it past this season, we will stay stuck dreaming forever without ever seeing the dream become reality.

2. The season of sowing

We cannot see the fruit of anything in our lives without sowing. This season is often hard and messy. No one likes to keep showing up when it’s hard, to keep planting when you’re not seeing any fruit, but if you truly believe in the dream deposited in your heart, you will keep sowing no matter how hard the journey gets.

3. The season of reaping

This is the season where we begin to reap the harvest. The harvest will be abundant depending on how we handled the season of sowing. We will receive back in abundance for all we have sown and it will be a season of immense joy. When we are in a season of reaping, this is a time to take what God has done in our lives and give it back to others. It’s an opportunity to now sow into the lives of others and remind people that they too have what it takes.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you have what it takes to see your dreams become reality. It may be hard, and it may require a lot of sacrifices, but it will be worth it.


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