Are you more of a reader, or a listener? Podcasts or books? Articles? Regardless of your preference, there are benefits to both and what matters most is not how we are accessing information, but that we are always in a posture of learning and growing in every season. And also, WHO we are listening to matters. Is there a variety in your books? Are you listening to different voices from different perspectives than you? This is how we learn and grow. We need a multiplicity of voices.

There are so many benefits to learning and processing new information, and one of those is so we as leaders can have information and knowledge to form educated courses of action to feel comfortable teaching, and leading in the truth in the times we are living in right now.

We must be careful of information overload, and how we are processing the information we are receiving, but we also cannot ignore the power of learning and listening during these times. It’s tempting to want to hide under a rock, move to a land far far away, and pretend nothing is happening in the world, and ignore the current world issues. But as believers and leaders, we are called to lead on the front lines. So it’s more important now more than ever that we are leaning in, and learning as much as we can, and letting our voices be heard.

Our voices have power. Knowledge has power. Wisdom has power. It can transform cultures and even nations. So I hope this article gives you a new perspective on who you are listening to, and how crucial it is to continue growing.

Another way to do this is to get a mentor. As you are leading others, also being led yourself. We never graduate from learning. Engaging in healthy conversations with those in our lives helps us to learn how to face hard topics head-on, share insight, and listen to others’ perspectives and walk away with more information. It keeps us from getting in our heads and inward-focused. It breaks our boxes and it keeps us humble,

So whoever you are listening to, know that it matters. Keep leading, keep running your race, but never graduate from learning.


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