There’s nothing worse than being unsatisfied. That feeling you get after a meal you had high expectations for and it didn’t quite meet them. The moments shortly after receiving that new promotion, but you still somehow feel empty. We live in a society that always pushes us to need more.

Food, clothes, money, relationships, social status, even ministry will never be able to fulfill the longing in our souls. We will always want more.


The reason we’re never satisfied:


Not always, but often we are never satisfied because deep down inside every one of us is a longing for more, and we often try to fulfill this longing in things that make us keep coming back for more.

Have you ever wondered why we can eat an entire bag of chips and still not feel full? It always starts like this… “I’m only going to have a few” but then I reach for another, and another.. then before I know it, I’ve eaten every last crumb and yet I still find myself unsatisfied and wanting more! To feel satisfied and full from a meal, we need to give our body the right amount of nutrients.

The same is true in our lives. We live with this longing for something more. Something deeper. Instead of running to Jesus, we run to anything and everything we can get our hands on. We try to fill this longing with food, people, business, Netflix and the list could go on. Although we live on earth in our human bodies, our hearts were created for another kingdom, so these things will never be able to truly satisfy us. That’s why we eat entire bags of chips and can binge on Netflix for hours. It’s why we’re always on to the next new thing and struggle with consistency. It almost always comes down to not being satisfied.


The key to true satisfaction:


True satisfaction is found in the presence of God. And the church is not the only place we can experience His presence. We were created for intimacy with our Creator. The life we were created for is one of abundance, joy, satisfaction, and peace, and it’s found through a daily and intimate walk with our good and perfect Father. When we feel tired, empty and burnt out, His word promises that He will fill us with good things. May this be your year of abundance.

He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” | Psalm 107:9





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