We’re taking a break from the Generosity Gene series this week to talk about something that has the power to make or break your relationships, ministry, career, success, and even your life as a whole: your mindset. What you believe about yourself, your life, and your ability to succeed is more important that the circumstances you find yourself in. We are faced with challenges and difficulties all the time; struggle is unavoidable. But those with a healthy mindset, people who know how to play tough even when faced with impossible odds, will always find a way through it. [bctt tweet="What you believe about yourself, your life, and your ability to succeed is more important that the circumstances you find yourself in." username="dukematlock"] I believe one of the key components to maintaining a healthy mindset is mental toughness. Another word for mental toughness is grit. Grit can be defined as “firmness of character; indominable spirit; pluck.” When you are faced with the impossible, whether it be in your ministry, your marriage, your relationships, or your career, your ability to respond well will determine the outcome. The obstacle itself is not important; what matters is that you find a way to play tough and find your way through it. I saw a video recently of John Calipari, head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, talking about the idea of toughness on his team. Take a minute to watch this video, it really is a must see. [youtube id=”epw99rzvxq8″] Did you catch what he said at the end? He said “How we think has to change if you want how you’re playing to change.” Games are won or lost in the minds of the players! It is their mindset that determines their ability to succeed. The way they carry themselves, the way they speak to one another, and their ability to be honest about where they find themselves on any given game night is revealing of their mindsets and mental toughness. Only players with grit are able to keep pushing when it seems impossible to achieve a win. One thing is true whether you are on the basketball court, in a boardroom, or around the kitchen table: your thoughts determine your reality. What you believe is what will come to pass. If you want to win, you have to believe you can. If you want to succeed, you must find a way to keep pushing even when the odds are stacked against you. Toughness does not mean you are impervious to pain or discouragement; toughness means you reevaluate your game and play through those things. You don’t allow the circumstances around you to dictate what you believe or how you show up. [bctt tweet="Your thoughts determine your reality." username="dukematlock"] What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about your life? Take a moment to reflect. If you want to play tough and show up well, you have to get your mind right. Don’t allow yourself to lose the game before you even step on the court. If you can conquer your mindset, you can conquer anything.  


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