Doing what you love is an incredible feeling. To wake up every morning and be excited to go to work and see what the day will bring is a goal we should all be pursuing. But sometimes, even when you love your job, work can be stressful. High stakes and pressure at work can be things that help you accomplish your goals, but more often than not, too much stress has a negative impact on your performance. Maybe you’re working on a big project or have an important event coming up. Regardless of the specifics, stress is inevitable. Let me encourage you, your job is important and what you do matters; if it didn’t, you would have no reason to be dealing with stress. The most important thing you can do when you are under a lot of pressure is learn to manage it appropriately. You can’t quit your job every time you are stressed, but there are a few things you can do. If you’re dealing with pressure or stress at work, here are nine ways to use that stress to strengthen your performance.

  1. Monitor your margins.

    When things become really stressful at work, that tension can bleed into other areas of your life. The key to protecting other areas of your life is to maintain boundaries. When you go home, be with your family. Turn off your cell phone while you eat dinner. Don’t allow the stress you are feeling at work to weaken the other areas of your life.
  1. Do something for yourself.

    Sometimes you just need a break. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself; in all honesty, your work will be of a higher quality if you are rested. Go to a football game or watch a movie. Find something that you enjoy doing and set time aside to just be human.
  1. Find someone to talk to about what you are facing.

    This is where your mentor or coach comes in handy. Stress can kill creativity, so don’t be embarrassed to reach out to other people in your life for help. A fresh perspective can do wonders when we are under a lot of stress.
  1. Invest in yourself.

    You are your greatest resource. Spend time becoming the best possible version of yourself and watch how your performance improves. It is of vital importance that you continue to invest in your own personal growth even when it seems like you don’t have the time. An investment in yourself is an investment in success.
  1. Work on things that don’t add to your stress.

    In other words, try not to develop tunnel vision. Spend time working on other aspects of your job; let excellence be your calling card in every facet of your job.
  1. Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

    Even in the midst of stress, take time to reflect on how blessed you are. Be thankful that you have a job and a good life. Be careful not to let the stress of the moment determine your outlook on life as a whole.
  1. Consider the worst outcome.

    Stress often flows out of situations that are out of our control on some level. The best way to combat that is to determine the worst case scenario and accept it as though it has already happened. Accepting the worst possible outcome alleviates fear.
  1. Trust the process.

    Stress is unavoidable. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Trust that the things you are dealing with now are serving to grow you and make you better down the line. Lean into the process instead of fighting it.
  1. Remember that you already have what you need to succeed.

    You have been designed with the ability and talents to overcome this issue with excellence. You can do this. Trust yourself and work hard.
You have the ability to succeed! Use these tools to overcome any stressful situation. Just because something is challenging does not mean it is impossible. You got this. [jotform id=”51954776646168″]]]>

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