Eyes open. Press snooze on the alarm. Roll out of bed. Check emails, text messages, social media. Pours a cup, or 2 of coffee. Leaves for work. A busy day filled with meetings, jumping from one task to another. More coffee. Comes home exhausted. Pulls out laptop and phone and works more. Scrolls through social media. Puts on tv to relax. Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.

Is this the life you dream of? Absolutely not. No one sets out to live a life like this. Even reading that sounds exhausting. But sometimes we find ourselves in this hamster wheel and feel like there’s no way out. Life happens. We get overworked, accidentally say yes to too many things, skip our workouts, eat out a little too often, and before we know it, every other area in our life just feels off.

That’s why I created the life margin wheel. Because the reality is, we are all chasing something. Whether it’s life abundant, or a life of busyness and burn – out. 


The life margin wheel is all about investing in 6 key areas, in order, that will flow into every other area of your life and bring balance, fulfillment, and growth!

  1. Wake up — This is all about creating a morning routine, habits, and starting off your day right. How we begin will set us up for a win.
  2. Invest in yourself — Investing into yourself is not selfish, it’s stewardship. How you invest in the gifts God has given you matters. Here are just. a few topics we will cover Spiritual habits, health habits, success habits, coaching, and self-care.
  3. Invest in work — God created work to be meaningful. Think about it, who is the one who gave you the creativity and ability to work? God did! He is in all things and if our work matters to Him, it should matter to us. We will go over practicals as well as systems and time management that sets you up for a peace-filled work life. 
  4. Invest in family — This is our highest calling (yes even above ministry!) We will dive into God’s heart on the family, and how we can make the most of the time we have with our families and be present. 
  5. Invest in soul care — When our souls are weary, no amount of sleep will be able to make up for it. Soul care is more about being filled than it is about physical rest. What we fill our souls with will overflow into everything we do. 
  6. Invest in rest — If you don’t recharge your batteries, you cannot win. As leaders, investing in rest is essential for long-term sustainability. 


I can’t wait to take you on this journey and be your personal coach as we tackle each one of these areas! I will be releasing a new blog post on each of the 6 topics included in the Life Margin Wheel every Friday! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get them delivered right to your email! 




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