I’ve always been a speaker. Whether I’m preaching, coaching, or talking to friends and family, I’ve always enjoyed speaking more than anything. While I feel I have good writing skills as well, writing has always been a more exhausting form of communication for me. It takes a lot longer for me to write than it does to prepare a talk. I much prefer speaking. After a while of growing my coaching business, and writing more blog posts and books, I soon realized how much I needed help in the area of writing. I developed a professional relationship with two people who love to write; the first one, my youngest daughter Logan. The second, one of her friends from college, Andrea, who is trained in writing. For them, writing takes half the time and they love it the way I love to speak. With them on my team, I am able to share my ideas and sermons for them to put my thoughts and ideas in word form. It was so freeing to be able to focus on what I love and allow them to do the same. Maybe you’re a speaker who hates to write. If that’s the case, I suggest hiring a writer (or two) to help communicate your ideas in a succinct way. If you’re a speaker who wants to continue improving your writing skills, there are a lot of options out there to help you too. If you don’t have the capacity to put together a writing team just yet, here are a few resources for you as you continue to write on your own:  

  I love to be able to write, but I’m a talker through and through. If you’re a talker who needs help putting your spoken words in written form and you want to take your writing to the next level, I highly suggest getting in touch with one of my writers, Andrea. You can check out her portfolio here.  


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