Burn out is the 21st-century disease and if you’ve ever been burnt out, you know exactly how deadly it can be to both the body and soul. Today we want to help you avoid burn out with three practical steps. But first, let’s talk about why this is important. When we burn out, it ends up setting us back even further and makes getting back into the grind a lot harder. The mistake we often make is neglecting rest and then over time, it catches up to us and forces us to rest. In order to avoid getting to that place, we can be sure to make time to rest and take the slower and more sustainable route to success. 

Here’s 3 ways to avoid burn out:

1. Pace Yourself

Whether you’re a business owner, pastor, or leader in any capacity, it’s important to pace yourself in your work. Instead of trying to hustle and tackle all of your goals in a short amount of time, pace yourself to tackle them one by one and making time for breaks and moments “off” each day. 

2. Take a Sabbath

There’s a reason God rested on the 7th day. He took the time to enjoy his creation. And if the creator of the universe needed a sabbath, how much more do we? Taking a sabbath day is simply unplugging from work and doing things that fill you up. Pick up a hobby, go for a walk, spend time with friends, and do things that fill your soul with life! You will then feel fresher, renewed, and ready to keep going. 

3. Do a Soul Check

Have you ever gotten to a place of burn out and wondered “how did this even happen?” This can be avoided by simply doing check-ups for our souls. At the end of each day and week, ask yourself how you are doing. We often suppress our emotions and neglect our deepest needs and keep pushing forward, but pausing to reflect will help bring clarity to how we are really doing. It’s also a great idea to bring in mentors and friends who you can process your workload and life’s struggles with who can offer perspective and input. By bringing people into our lives, we avoid isolation and receive encouragement.

If you’re reading this and you are in a burnt-out season, our next article is going to tackle what we can do when we are right in the middle of burn out. Stay tuned!


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