Distractions stand at the doorway of your destiny. They’re often small, but the impact they have on your growth is huge. It’s the little and overlooked distractions that keep us from going to the next level. Distractions can show up in many different forms. And what was good for us in one season, might be a distraction for us in the next season. We can’t always control every distraction that comes up in our lives. Some things will be unavoidable. But you can control your response and how you manage those distractions.

I can’t tell you the exact distractions in your life, but I can give a list of some of the most common:
Social Media
Our phones
Multi-tasking and lack of focusing on one thing at a time
Our ability to focus has decreased due to the constant options we have and the hustle of life. In this Hubspot article, it says “The biggest mistake people make when trying to increase their productivity? Not taking the time to learn what it is that distracts them.”
It suggests doing a time audit by keeping a log of what you do with your time in your personal and work life.
When you do this, go back and review it to see where your time is going. Often, we will come to realize we have way more time on our hands than we realize, but the tasks are taking us longer than necessary due to distractions.
Another distraction often goes unnoticed is the distraction in our souls. When our lives are constantly hurried, when we’re torn in too many directions, we can’t keep up.
When you begin to identify what the distractions are in your life, you can overcome them by creating habits + rhythms to get you on a path of efficiency and clear thinking.
What would it look like to be free of distractions? How could the quality of your work improve? Your relationship life? And how could it free up your time? What more could you do, if distractions were no longer holding you back? If you created new habits that would set you for success?
Set yourself up for a win by taking back your time. We only have a certain amount of hours in the day. Let’s not let them be stolen away by the enemy called distraction.
If this was helpful for you, I want to hear from you! Let me know what distractions you identify and how keeping a time log has helped you discover how you can better manage your days!


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