You might have heard a lot about Amazon’s newest technology, the Amazon Echo — or as some fondly call her, Alexa. Maybe you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, or have already decided it’s not for you. Maybe you have one at home too… in which case, I’d love to hear how you use it throughout the day, as well! One of the main reasons I love the Amazon Echo is because of how functional it is, and how seamlessly it works into my everyday habits. Here are just some of the ways Alexa can help you with your productivity:  

  1. Eliminate screen time — “Alexa, I want to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning.”

It’s been said that taking your phone to bed with you at night could cause some negative effects on your sleeping habits. I know most of us set an alarm with our phones, which gives us a reason to take our smartphones to bed with us at night… which then turns into a nightly run of Solitaire or social media scrolling when you should be turning in for the night. Letting Alexa wake you up in the morning means you can charge your cell phone somewhere else at night.  
  1. Keep track of your daily agenda — “Alexa, what’s on my schedule for the day?”

In my book, Get Up and Grow, I talk a lot about the importance of planning and getting ahead of your day first thing in the morning — because knowing what you have going on for the day allows you to prioritize and plan accordingly. Every morning I ask Alexa, “What do I have going on today?” If you sync your Amazon Echo to your to-do list, Alexa will review it with you like your own personal assistant.  
  1. Read more without spending more. — “Alexa, read my Kindle book.”

While it’s nice to be able to listen to my books, I enjoy being able to read along with them, as well; unfortunately, subscriptions like Audible don’t give me the option to do both. With the Amazon Echo, you can buy e-books off of Amazon and have Alexa read them to you — while still having them available on your e-reader.  
  1. Have some fun. — “Alexa, play some fun music.”

We all need to get out of our own head a little bit throughout the day. Use the Amazon Echo to play music from Spotify or Amazon Music when you want to lighten the mood or take a break. You can also play games like Jeopardy or ask Alexa to tell you a joke.   To learn more of Amazon Echo’s features, you can check out this article.    


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