In today’s article, we are wrapping up the series “7 Commonalities of Growing Churches” and we will be discussing how taking action on these 7 steps will then result in your people taking full ownership of your church’s culture and vision. “ They get it ” is all about empowering your congregation and teams with clarity, direction, and vision so that every leader will be equipped to make disciples and more leaders.

We have gotten far away from simplicity, and it’s time we make things simple again. The primary goal of the church is to make disciples. If we do not clearly communicate this with our congregation, over time, we will have churches filled with people who are not equipped to take the messages they are hearing on Sunday with them Monday – Saturday.

An article written by Michael Hyatt expresses it takes 8 times to communicate an idea before people get it. 

“How many times do you think it’s necessary to communicate an idea before people begin to “get it”? Three? Four? Five? That seems like a lot. But according to the authors of The CEO Next Door, the true number is closer to eight. If you have presented your vision so many times and in so many settings that you’re tired of talking about it, congratulations! You’re about half done.”

You can read the full article here:

This means that it will take work on our end as leaders. We cannot just assume people know the vision because we communicated it a few times on stage, we must consistently communicate the vision in order for people to get it and that doesn’t just look like repeating it on a platform, but creating spaces for people to take action on the vision.

Once you communicate the vision, the next step is to give people an opportunity to take part with you. Everyone wants to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. We need to create spaces for people to give themselves to something bigger than them so we are not the only ones carrying it out. 

It’s a team effort. When they get it, then the message will be spread outside the four walls of the church which will result in more people coming into our churches to be discipled and carrying out God’s purpose.

My hope for you is that this series would be something you can refer back to time and time again for clarity, direction, and fresh perspective. If you haven’t read series 1-6, you can refer back to the blog section.

Do you have any questions/thoughts? I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment or send me an email and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have on this series or any of our other blog articles.


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