Maintaining A Corner Man Mentality

Corner Man

The next characteristic of an invisible leader is a good reminder of the previous two: being famous vs. being great and not holding too tightly to relationships.

In order to do those two things well, it’s important to maintain a corner man mentality.

If you’re familiar with boxing, you probably know who I’m referring to when I use the term “corner man.” For those of you who don’t watch boxing, or haven’t divulged in the Rocky series, a corner man is the guy in the corner of the ring of a boxing match. Both boxers get their own corner man — you know, the guy with the water bottle and the towels, gluing Mayweather’s eye closed between rounds.

But the corner man is more than just a glorified water boy. Even though he’s not the one throwing punches, the fight could not be won without the corner man. (more…)

Why You Should Loosen Your Grip On Relationships



Last week, we talked about the importance of impact versus recognition. I mentioned a podcast episode by Andy Stanley, one where he talks about becoming a Beyond You leader. The next characteristic of an Invisible Leader goes hand-in-hand with that idea.

Don’t hold too tightly to relationships.

Now, don’t misinterpret what I mean by that. When I say “loosen your grip” on relationships, I don’t mean you shouldn’t invest in the people around you. Don’t be afraid to get to know your team in a meaningful way. However, don’t get so close that you can’t let go. (more…)

Becoming an Invisible Leader: Being Famous vs Being Great



You may have noticed by now that becoming an invisible leader isn’t easy. In fact, it goes against our natural human instincts!

Giving without receiving doesn’t come naturally to any of us … and neither does letting someone else get the credit. But if you’re looking to be a leader whose impact outlasts their time here on earth — one who is called to a higher purpose than just being “in charge” — it’s important to fight against those natural human tendencies.

Another step to becoming an invisible leader is deciding whether you want to be famous or great. In other words, is your leadership based on recognition or impact?

Becoming an Invisible Leader: Giving Without Expectation


Remember in my first post when I talked about James Boyd and Bernard Allen? They were volunteers in a camping program I grew up in called Royal Rangers. I can’t find the right amount of words to thank them for the impact they made on my life at a young age … and they probably didn’t expect me to.

How could these men ever be repaid for what they meant in the life of a child? They never asked for gas money or showed an expectation of return value. It would seem the value returned to them was the significance of their service.

Have you ever had someone like that in your life? Maybe when you were younger. Someone who donated their time, money or resources to you without any expectation of getting something in return.

This is one of the steps to becoming an invisible leader. (more…)

Becoming an Invisible Leader: What’s Your Leadership Legacy?

Invisible Leader


When you think about the legacy of your leadership, what do you consider to be success? Is it the size of your church or organization, or the individual lives you impact throughout your life?

NFL legend Tony Dungy once said his success was the result of every leader who invested in his life — from summer camp until the present, well after winning the Super Bowl.

Think about the legacy of their leadership! Tony Dungy has touched so many people’s lives, is a loving husband and father, as well as a respected coach and leader. The ones who invested in him probably didn’t know the reach he would have one day … but he’s now a part of their leadership legacy. And here’s the thing: Most people probably don’t even know them by name! (more…)

Are You a Fred?



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Are you a Fred?

If you’ve never heard of The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn, that might sound like an odd question.

Fred was Mark’s mailman. And he’s the focal point for Mark’s national bestselling leadership book. You see, Fred was not just a mailman — he was the best of the best. As Mark outlines in his book, Fred went above and beyond to do his job with excellence. So much so, he left a lifelong impression on the speaker. And changed the way he looked at work and leadership from that day forward.

Here’s what he said about Fred on his website: (more…)

Leaders and Readers: Knock Out Your Reading List With This App

reading list


“…Deep, broad reading habits are often a defining characteristic of our greatest leaders and can catalyze insight, innovation, empathy, and personal effectiveness.” (For Those Who Want to Lead, Read by John Coleman)

I believe reading is an important factor into leadership. If you don’t want to take my word for it, there’s research to prove it! According to the Harvard Business Review, reading not only makes you smarter, it also helps you lead people more effectively. (more…)

Choosing A Winning Mentality: A Word From Katinka Hosszu

Winning Mentality


What do you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning?

Are they words that get you pumped for the day to come, or do they make you want to pull the covers over your head and try again tomorrow?

If you relate more to the latter, one of the most talented professional swimmers in the world, Katinka Hosszu, has some encouraging words for you… (more…)