How Successful Leaders Handle Transition

successful leaders handle transition


Times of transition are some of the most significant and influential moments in life.

I have seen many leaders go through transition, and I have experienced transition myself. The manner in which we handle moving forward determines our success in the next season.

The manner in which we handle moving forward determines our success in the next season. Click To Tweet

I have noticed, however, that successful leaders prepare for transition long before opportunities arise. Your level of preparation will determine whether you’re thriving or simply trying to keep your head above water. I believe there are three ways leaders typically handle transition:


1. Successful leaders grow into what’s next. These are leaders who have taken the time to prepare for any possible transition or change that may occur. They have spent time becoming the best they can be, and when time time comes, they thrive in their new destination. They’re successful leaders because they have put energy into investing in themselves and investing in success.

2. Some leaders fall into what’s next. These are leaders who find themselves moving into transition and are just barely getting by. They learn as they go and eventually end up where they need to be; however, this growth process delays and sometimes even reduces their level of success.

3. Sadly, many leaders fail into what’s next. These are leaders who are so unprepared for a transition they’re facing that they crumble under the pressure. They don’t have the necessary skills to succeed because they didn’t prepare ahead of time.


How do you know what category you’re in right now? Let me give you a little checklist:



  • Are in control of their day/routine and habits
  • Make a daily commitment to learning and reading new things
  • Consistently read God’s Word and talk to God daily
  • Have a commitment to their physical health
  • Review what they’ve done and who they’re becoming on a regular basis



  • Don’t pay attention to their routine until it’s disrupted
  • Don’t make personal education a priority in their lives
  • Lean on Scripture/talk to God most frequently when things are going wrong
  • Have a big-picture plan, but don’t break it down into practical habits/steps
  • Don’t make a habit out of self-reflection until they’re lost in transition



  • Haven’t even considered their own personal and professional growth
  • Are present-minded only, not thinking of future goals or plans
  • Believe their circumstances are out of their control
  • Have little to no time management skills


Where do you fall?

Investing in growth is the only way to make sure you’re ready for the opportunities that will come your way. Invest in growth today by picking up my book, Get Up and Grow: 21 Habits of Successful People. Not only will it place you in the “grow into what’s next” category, it will also give you the tools you need to change your life. You can get more information here.



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