Where do you go to find calm? Think hard. Imagine: Life is coming at you at every angle. Everyone wants something from you. You feel like you can’t even hear yourself think—or maybe you can’t stop thinking long enough to get some sleep. Where will you go? In those times of stress, it’s important to find your safe place. The place that helps you refocus, recenter, and destress. [bctt tweet="It’s important to find your safe place. The place that helps you refocus, recenter, and destress." username="dukematlock"] This “place” doesn’t have to be a physical space. Maybe, like me, your safe place is your family. Or, maybe it is a certain room in your home. How do you build that place? I think these three questions will help you get started:

1. What’s something simple that gives you peace?

Examples of this could be laughing, sleeping, exercising, worship, being around people you love, being artistic, etc.

2. What activities help you get to that peaceful place?

For example, if community calms you, it could be going to a small group at church or sharing a meal with your family.

3. How often do you get to do activities like this?

How often a week or month do you get to do the things that bring you calm? Could your routine call for more of it?

4. What can you do today to help you do that simple thing more often?

Is it a scheduling thing? Is it discipline-related? What intentional action step can you take right now to make time for your safe place?

Only you can identify your safe place. If being alone gives you the energy you need to face the day, take that time. Be honest with yourself and the people around you as you talk to them about your safe place. And as you identify your safe place, make a mental note about what isn’t your safe place and why. Maybe family isn’t your safe place—maybe it’s the root of your stress. Maybe it’s affecting the way you perform in other areas of your life. I’m not a therapist, and I won’t pretend to be one. While it’s important to find your safe place, it’s equally important to identify the root of your biggest anxieties. Working through them in the healthiest way for you. Where do you find your safe place?  


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