How we think directly affects how we live. After all, scripture is clear that as a man thinks, so is he. Our thoughts will determine the life we live and today we want to break down a few of the major benefits of positive thinking. Dr. Caroline Leaf (a cognitive neuroscientist) quotes “We are wired for love, but we learned how to fear” Our original design was one of love but because of the day and age we live, we have learned negativity and fear and we now live in the anxiety-filled world. Our thoughts are daily bombarded with the news, stress, burdens, and so much more. All of this if not handled correctly can affect not only our minds but also our physical health. 

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Thoughts are a powerful weapon that can either build healthy patterns in our lives or negative patterns. It’s a lot harder to build our lives upon negative thinking that it is a foundation rooted in love. But where do we even begin? How we can develop a lifestyle of positive thinking no matter what is happening in and around our lives?

There are 3 ways we can start and then we want to follow up with a challenge for you after each one!

1. Taking your thoughts captive

It starts with taking control of our thoughts. One way you can do this is by paying close attention to every thought entering your mind. And ask yourself, are these thoughts going to bring me life, or bring upon more anxiety? You can do this by keeping track of your thoughts. Start your day by opening up your journal and asking yourself “How are you?” And be honest with yourself. “What are the thoughts and burdens on my mind? Then write them all down. Write out every fear, every burden, and every thought of worry.

2. Casting out negative thinking

Next, you will take those thoughts and cast them out. You are not your thoughts and positive thinking is a choice that you get to make! When you cast those thoughts out, it’s your choice if they will get to return again.

3. Replacing with positive truths

Now you can replace the old ways of thinking by speaking positive truths over your life. Our challenge for you is that you would keep a journal where you start each morning writing out positive truths that are opposite of what you may be feeling or experiencing in the natural. And remember, your thoughts are your choice. You get to determine where they go, so choose wisely!

There is power in positive thinking!


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