When it’s all said and done and you’ve breathed your last breath, what do you hope they will say about you? What will the words be written that are on your obituary? When I am coaching people through this series, I have them write out their obituary. Might sound a little daunting, but it’s the best way to put things into perspective. Presence is about who you are. It’s about becoming the person you desire to be. When I am coaching a new client, I always ask: How do you show up?

I shared in a previous article that “Position and platforms change frequently; your identity, on the other hand, is consistent. The core of who you are is the driving force behind your success. If you want to find success in your career, you must first discover who you are.” 

Here’s my first challenge for you! I want you to write down 15 words that express the kind of person you want to be. Then when you get those 15, narrow it down to 3. If you asked your closest friends and family, what would they say about you? My 3 words are Generous, forgiving, and leader. And we will unpack next week on how that then leads me to what I love to do: Communicate, foster community, and coach others. 
I love how this article explains it: “Here are three questions to get you started. What do you want to stand for? What are your principles and values? Who do you wish to become? If you’re struggling to answer the questions, start with the results you want and work backward by asking the question, who is the type of person that could get the outcome I want? For example, I asked who is the type of person that could run a successful coaching business? My focus shifted from successful coaching business (outcome-based) to being the type of person who is creative and empathetic and acts with integrity (identity-based).” 
When we discover our 3 words, we then have a responsibility to make sure we are doing things each day to make us more like the person we want to become. 
If you want to be generous, you have to give.
If you want to be patient, you have to put yourself in situations that grow your patience. 
Your value is not found in what you do, it’s found in who you are. 
Ending challenge:
If you don’t yet have a list of daily affirmations, now is the time to write them! Before going into the new year, make your list and begin to declare those out every day. Write out specifics of the kind of person you want to become in the present tense (your presence). Not “I will be” rather “I am”
Next week we will be unpacking how to multiply your presence (who you are) with your passion (what you love to do.)

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