Pioneer: A person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.

As a leader, you were born to pioneer. You were made for an extraordinary life and you were born to go first. Whether in your family, your business, your church, or your organization you have what it takes to do what has never been done and create something out of nothing. We all love to see the end results. We love hearing stories about successful church plants, businesses that took off, and people who took the risk and saw a positive outcome from it. And some of us would rather follow along those who have already paved the way because it’s a lot easier than pioneering something new. Something that only we can pioneer.

You and I both are created so uniquely. Our dreams, passions, and desires are all different. So what does it look like to pioneer? And what does it take to pioneer, even in the face of difficulty, fears, and setbacks?

There are 3 things that if you’re going to be a pioneer, you will need:

1. A vision

What is the vision that you have for your life? Write it out in detail and let that motivate you to pioneer the dreams that are within you. A person who is a pioneer doesn’t wait until it all adds up, when the resources come, or when everything falls into place. A pioneer says, “I’m going to pursue this no matter what.” They see the end result in the beginning stages so they are able to press past temporary discomfort to achieve their dream.

2. Hope

Hope is not wishful thinking, rather it is an expectancy. Pioneers are hopeful people. They don’t just wish for something to happen, they believe and wait in expectancy for it to happen. If you want to be a person who lives an extraordinary life, hope is a requirement. Hope is what keeps us going when we want to give up. Hope gives us the courage to keep pursuing in the  direction of our vision, even when it would make more sense to lose all hope.

3. Other pioneers

Lastly, and most importantly, we are who we surround ourselves with. You will need other pioneers who have already gone before you. Why? Because they have already walked in your shoes and they will give you the courage you need to keep going.

You were born to lead and we hope this inspires you and reminds you that you already have what it takes to say yes to the call on your life.


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