Emotional needs will always find a way to be met. The challenge we have as believers is to meet them appropriately. An A player has an emotional need to succeed. They’re not okay with just being average. They don’t want to fit in. They aren’t okay with business as usual and the same ole same ole. They want to succeed because they want to fulfill all that God has called them to. It’s not from a place of wanting success in the eyes of the world, but so they can hear God say “well done” They want to be the best leaders, fathers, pastors, and friends they possibly can be. They don’t accept where they are. They have a passionate zeal to chase after more. A players don’t do well emotionally if they don’t fill their need to be successful and have vision and drive. They come alive when they are in over their head, running towards the target.

Let’s define success: Success is hard to measure. Because it’s not always measured the same way. Success isn’t determined by your promotions, the amount of money you can make, or your status. It has a lot more to do with who you are becoming, and if you are hitting the target. So what is the target you are after? What do you want to succeed at? Is it becoming a best-selling author? Is it building a church that transforms a city? Whatever your target is, get clear on it so you know where you are aiming and where you can put your energy into.

As an A player leader, you will find joy in pursuing the God-sized dreams He has given you. It won’t be a burden to go above and beyond and go the extra mile.

As we go through life, it’s tempting to let our fire die down and slip into coasting by. What areas of your life do you feel like you are coasting in? Can I challenge you to take a few moments to really think about this? Then, challenge yourself to write down ways you can meet those emotional needs to succeed. If you’ve been feeling worn out, and not so much like the A player we’re talking about, ask God to give you a fresh vision and zeal to keep running your race! And when looking for someone to join your team, look for a willingness to grow. Look for the ones never satisfied with where they are, but always looking for ways to become better.

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