I don’t think anyone ever intends to be a lazy person. And we don’t like to admit we are either. Overcoming laziness can’t be done until we get to the root. Putting pressure on ourselves and shame for being lazy won’t get us anywhere. There’s always a root issue that goes deeper than what we see at hand. We’ve all had our moments, or seasons of feeling like we’re in a rut. We can’t just walk our way out of laziness and snap a finger and all of a sudden become productive. What we can do is take a look at other areas of our life and find the culprit.

Are you unmotivated?
Is there something in your past you’re still holding onto?
Are you carrying stress/anxiety?
Have you stopped being active?
What foods have you been eating?
Are you happy where you are in life? Doing what you are currently doing?
If other areas of our lives are off, it can affect us both mentally and physically. We often don’t realize just how much our minds affect everything else in our lives. If we are stressed, anxious, and holding onto shame and negative thinking, it will begin to take a toll on our bodies, causing us to have no motivation to show up.

The good news:


The good news is that you can change your brain. Our brain is powerful, and you don’t have to stay where you are. It takes willpower to decide you want to make a change. Give yourself grace and begin taking steps to get out of the slump. Start doing things every day you don’t “feel” like doing. It won’t be long that you will see the results and benefits and it will motivate you to keep showing up.

Practical ways to overcome laziness:


    1. Clear your desk/workspace and home – Creating an open and clear space will help your mind feel clear and get you ready to jump right into work
    2. Set out your clothes + activewear the night before. This will help you make fewer mental decisions throughout your day and begin operating from your habits
    3. Put healthy snacks where you can see them and fill up a water bottle and set it out the night before, so it’s the first thing you grab for your day
    4. Turn a screen limit on your phone so you aren’t tempted to mindlessly scroll
At the end of the day, it takes hard work + consistency to get good at anything. If you want to be more efficient with your time, then show up and get moving!
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