Anyone can have the title of “leader” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a leader. I’m sure we have all experienced being under someone who had the title but lacked the skill sets needed to lead a team. In our microwave culture, we expect to step into positions overnight, but good leaders don’t just arrive, they walk through a process to get there.
Many essentials make a leader, and the first is they have to be a visionary.
1. They are vision led
If you want to lead a team, you will need to have a clear vision. It’s hard for people to get behind someone who isn’t sure where they are going. It’s your role as a leader to get the clarity, then communicate the vision over and over and over again with your team until they get it and it becomes their vision as well. When communicating the vision, use enthusiasm! Sound excited about it! You should be the ultimate hype man/woman when it comes to leading the team!

2. They are practical

A vision without a plan is just a good idea. To go to the next level as a leader, you will have to learn how to not just talk the talk but take action. A leader can both communicate the big picture, and then also create a plan to bring that vision forth.
3. They delegate
With that being said, the weight should never be solely on the leader. Now I know you probably could do it all, and you may think you’re the most gifted one for the job, but you also have to accept that part of being a leader, is trusting your team and delegating. Allow others to be a part of the vision and equip them to carry it out.
4. They value people over projects
A good leader values people over projects. They don’t use their leadership as a token to bark orders, rather they use it to uplift, build up, and encourage their team. They care for their team members’ lives and well-being and do their best to communicate that and show it.
5. They establish culture
Leaders set the tone. What kind of culture are you creating? You get the honor of cultivating a culture people enjoy being in! Throw parties for your staff, show you care by doing something as a team, catering a meal, or simply making it a goal to encourage every person on your team every single day!
Servant leaders are always looking for ways to grow, learn, and become better. If you remain teachable, God will continue to use you in ways you could have never dreamed of as a leader. Keep up the good fight!
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