I was recently talking to someone who had a career change. When I asked them who they wanted to be, and what they wanted to do, it seemed to align pretty closely with the career they were in. I asked “if you made a career change, would you get to do the things you’re passionate about every day? The problem we sometimes face is that we are too up close to our own lives. Without realizing it, sometimes we are right where we need to be, and we are in the place we once dreamed of, but we have just grown accustomed to it. But for some, a career change might be the very thing you need to operate in the design God has for your life.

When you multiply presence by passion and then divide that by how you are designed, this will tell you what you want to do with your life. What is the assignment God has called you to do? What are the blueprints for your life? They are custom-made! And only you can fulfill what God has called you to do.
When thinking through what you want to do: You first need to look back at presence (who you are) and how you can multiply that by your passion (what you love) and what kind of career/life calling will allow you to fully flourish in those areas? When you understand your unique design on how God made you, you will have much more clarity thinking of the role and position you are in. And have a greater sense of fulfillment in that purpose!
You will have different “assignments” in different seasons, but the calling remains the same. I often talk to young people who get confused about “ministry” – they feel a call to be in ministry and automatically think it needs to look like standing behind a pulpit. But that’s only one role. Ministry is simply serving. We all have different functions and roles within the body of Christ! This is how God meant it to be! No role is more spiritual than the other. Whether you are administrative, pastoral, or creative, you are in ministry! The greatest assignment we have is to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” – the fun part is getting to partner with God’s unique design with how He created you to see the fulfillment of that call!
I hope this series helped you have an even deeper realization of who you are, what you love, and how can you live a fulfilled life!

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