Have you ever wondered why some churches take off like wildfire in certain seasons while others remain stagnant? Just what are those special elements that foster church growth? Over the next few months, we’ll be diving in deep and exploring the traits that make growing churches grow!  The truth is, every church body from the smallest congregation to the biggest megachurch has their own unique way of doing things. It’s a great thing to have so many different expressions of the gospel so there really is a church home for everyone. But in reality, after the production choices, worship styles, and creative differences are stripped away, we’re not that different after all. 

Stick around to learn more about the 7 Commonalities of Growing Churches – featuring universal tactics for sharing the gospel that can be adapted for every local church and their congregation to foster growth and create fresh momentum. We’ll be discussing some of the following topics together to spark new conversation around growth: 


Steady Freddy – Growing churches are consistent in the important things, building trust amongst their core teams and within their congregation. 


Core Culture – Focus on the core more than the crowd. This is an intentional way of building teams that carry the rest of your church forward. 


Skipping Stones – They manage the change resistance continuum well. Growing churches remain steadfast through seasons and are able to create momentum. 


The long and short of it – Create clear processes for planning and execution so that you’re prepared for what lies ahead and able to take on all that God has for you and your church! 


Lid lifting – Leaders constantly commit to personal, spiritual and professional growth. If you aren’t pressing in and growing, you can’t expect massive growth in your church either. 


Connect Four – Create a strong process for building connections. If your church isn’t retaining new people, it isn’t growing! Helping newcomers connect and find a sense of community literally builds your church and grows the kingdom! 


They get it – Your congregation and core team own the church’s culture and vision. It’s not just up to you and your staff to carry the vision of your church into your community and your city. Growing churches get it! 


*Bonus for mega churches – a fully implemented leadership pipeline. Keep the people that God has given you and put systems in place that give them a chance to thrive. 

We’ll discover how you can apply each of these tactics in your own church and reach your potential for growth!



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