“If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?”

We’ve all heard of Steve Jobs. The device you’re using wouldn’t have even been in your hands if not for this mans life. Behind every successful entrepreneur is usually a lifestyle of habits and rituals. One of those being a morning routine.

Every morning, Steve Jobs would look at himself in the mirror and ask this question above. If the answer was “no” too many days in a row he knew something needed to change.

This one ritual could change everything for us. Are the decisions we’re making for short term success or are we reaching for something much bigger? Will you look back 5 years down the road and be happy with the choices you made each day? Although there’s no “secret to success” there is something powerful about how you start each day.

Another interesting routine of Steve’s life was his outfit of choice. Every morning Steve would wake up and put on the same outfit so he wouldn’t have to waste time making a decision. What we can learn from Steve Jobs is the power in simplicity.

It can be easy to get caught up in creating a long list of habits to do each morning and then finding yourself creating extra work trying to maintain them. Instead, what if you found 2-3 morning rituals to implement in your day? How we start our day will determine the course of our day. When we wake up with purpose and ready to tackle our tasks with energy and focus, the long term benefits will far surpass the satisfaction of snoozing the alarm just a few more minutes each day. To help you start thinking of morning rituals to implement, here are some popular ones used by any successful entrepreneur!


Some of the most popular and successful morning routines are:


1. Meditation / Affirmations

2. Fitness

3. Journaling

4. Reading

5. Writing your goals for the day




If you take anything away from this, it’s the importance of knowing your goals and vision for the day ahead. Our challenge for you is to create your morning routine and implement it for the next 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a habit and once it’s your habit, it will become your lifestyle. Your dreams and goals are worth pursuing, but remember to keep it simple along the way.





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