We all need a reset every so often. Over time, life can take its toll on our bodies, minds, and spirits. It can leave us feeling off, mentally and physically fatigued, and not our best selves. If you find yourself in one of those seasons, maybe you need a reset. 
I’m going to share 5 things you can do to help reset, refill, and refresh yourself.
  1. Take a social media break 

By removing the extra noise in your life, it will free up your mind, clear your thoughts, and give you a reset mentally. We are bombarded with information overload, scrolling through everyone else’s lives, and the negativity of media. By removing media, you’d be surprised how nice and freeing it can be. 
  1. Spend time outdoors 

By spending time in nature, helps clear our minds, and refreshes our souls. Take a walk, a hike, or find a river or lake you can spend time in solitude.
  1. Get active

Get moving! Whether you go for a run or hit up the gym, the benefits are so beneficial for your physical and mental state. When we exercise, we tap into endorphins which is the feeling of happiness and energy we get from movement. It might take a little push to get started, but you will be so glad you did it. 
You can read 5 benefits of exercise for our mental state here.
  1. Focus on clean eating

You know what they say, we are what we eat. What we put in affects how we feel and function. Choose the foods that will nourish your body, give you energy, and reset your body. Reach for more greens, more water, and veggies in your diet. These small changes can make such an impact on your body! 
  1. Read the word

The best reset is found by getting in the presence of God. Spend time reading and reciting the Word of God. The word is alive and active and it has the power to heal, restore, and transform your life. Sometimes we get in a “funk” that only the Word of God can bring us out of. The Word is the greatest “Self-care” solution we have as believers.
May you be refreshed, refilled, and experience a reset as you implement these practices into your lifestyle.

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