We all have a call on our lives to be a pioneer and to do things that have never been done. Usually, this calling will not be what we may have expected for our lives. 

The reality is that you usually will not be qualified, skilled, or feel ready for this assignment. None of us rarely are. Social media may make people look like they’ve got it all together, but we all know there’s more than what we see. We all start off the same way with a simple passion and a drive to make something more out of our lives, and it’s that drive that leads us into taking those big leaps of faith needed in the early stages of pioneering. We’re living in a day where we need leaders more than ever stepping up to the plate, ready with a willing “yes” to the cost of pioneering. We need people in every sphere of influence. We all can agree we want to see our world changed for the better, but that change has to start with us. Are you willing to do what has never been done before?

What is God calling you to pioneer? What is the burning passion inside of you? What is the one thing that you would do if all fear was removed? 


Pioneering doesn’t come without a cost. There are a few sacrifices along the way. Here are a few:


  1. The sacrifice of comfort.

Pioneering is rarely comfortable. There are no guarantees in pioneering. It requires jumping off the deep end time and time again. The first thing we have to sacrifice to be a pioneer is our comfort. This doesn’t mean pioneering will be impossible or miserable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Pioneering is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. 


      2. The sacrifice of knowing the details.

Because as a pioneer, you are the details. You carry the blueprints, you are the strategy. You may be looking to the left and the right, but look deep within. It’s already within you. You have what it takes.


      3. The sacrifice of your time.

Anything good takes time. It may require a few all-nighters here and there. It may require saying no” to other things, but every no gives you an opportunity to say “yes” to the best thing. When you know your why and you keep the vision before you, the sacrifice of your time will hardly feel like a sacrifice at all because you are reaching for something so much bigger than what you can even imagine at the moment. 





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