There are two types of people. The ones who are all for keeping score at kids sports games, and the ones who are just there for the fun and don’t believe in keeping score. The same is true as we grow older. There are those who don’t want to keep score and those who find they actually grow more from keeping score. First, let me say this. I am not encouraging you to take on a spirit of striving or placing your worth in your performance. This is not about perfectionism, it’s about excellence. There is a big difference. And it starts with the heart. We must ask ourselves why we want to keep score. Is it because we are trying to prove something? Is it because we are trying to be seen by others? These are reasons rooted in pride. But an A player on a team is okay with keeping score because they understand that’s how they will grow into the best version of themselves. They don’t keep score so they can beat themselves up over all of their shortcomings, but so they can be aware of their blind spots and weaknesses and step more fully into the person God has created them to be. Do you see the difference? Keeping score isn’t a bad thing. It helps us see where we are, and navigate where we want to be. 
The A player is comfortable keeping score because they want to know if they are winning or losing. They don’t want to play without a score being kept. For every shot you take, you should be aiming at the target. And when you miss it, you keep trying until you hit exactly where you are aiming for. You have to keep score in order to know how to grow. Or else you will end up staying right where you are.
Usually, when you join a new team or take a new position, your first 90 days should be about determining to learn how the score is being kept within that organization. You want to learn the ins and outs, the expectations of your leaders, the culture that is set and know your aim. When you come into a new role, you come in asking how you can serve, not how you can change things.
If you learn to keep score and look for people to join your team who are on board with keeping score for their personal growth, you will be able to go so far.

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