The need for soul-care is essential if we want to maintain a life of abundance, and avoid burn – out. I think you and I both know the importance of soul-care, so today I’m diving right into 5 tips to tend to your soul daily.

1. Check-in and review your day.

Here are a few areas to check in on:

Your emotions.

If anything is weighing on you.

Your attitude and patience level.

Your thoughts.

When you ignore the frustrations of your day, they will simply go to sleep with you and carry on to the next day. To avoid this, sit down and take inventory of how you are doing. Then, take the frustrations to God and lay them at His feet. Spend time letting His word transform and bring peace back to your soul.


2. Review daily affirmations.

Throughout the day, it’s easy to get caught up in who others say you are, or your job titles and roles. It’s important at the end of the day to remember who God says you are. This can be prophetic, meaning speaking and focusing on who you are becoming, rather than where you are right now. Affirmations build confidence and remind us we are called to greatness. Ask God to reveal what He says about you and where He is taking you and declare those things daily!


3. Gratitude.

You can do this by yourself, with your family, or with your team. But to properly close out your day, take time to talk about the highs and favorite moments of the day. Before being quick to transition into the following day, take inventory of all the good that happened. Share it with others and celebrate the small wins! This builds our expectancy and gets our hopes up that God is working and moving in our lives, even when it feels small and insignificant.


4. Relax and do something non – productive!

Did you know that the average kid laughs over 300 times a day, and the adult-only 30? Laughter is good for the soul! We need it to survive and thrive! Take time to play a game with your family, watch a funny tv show or movie, and remember that life isn’t always as intense as we make it out to be.


5.  Practice deep breathing exercises/stretches.

Slowly breathe deep, slowly release the breath, slow your mind, concentrate on breathing slowly, repeat 3 or 4 times. If you have had a busy day, this helps relieve all the tension in your body, and will have to relax your mind and muscles to prepare for a deep sleep!


If you don’t have time to do them all, that’s okay! Start with a few or even just one! As you prepare for sleep, take time to settle down, relax, and debrief your day. When you properly close your day, you will wake up with greater clarity and energy to tackle the day ahead!

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