It’s hard to believe we have already come to the end of this series. Over the last six weeks, we have discussed a simple productivity plan for maximizing productivity that I believe can change your life. Your ministry needs you to perform with excellence; the people God has entrusted to your care need you to show up well. This simple productivity plan is your opportunity to do just that. In case you missed any of our previous posts, here’s a quick run down of the Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors. 

50 Minutes on Task.

Begin by planning your day in fifty minute increments. Many people plan their days in one hour increments, but when your inbox is full and you have back to back meetings, you leave no room for things that may come up. When you have an extra ten minutes on every hour to deal with the unexpected, you will not lose control of your schedule should a meeting go long or someone stop by your office.

10 Minutes of Busy Work.

This 10-minute block on every hour not only creates space for dealing with the unexpected, it also allows you to respond to emails, tidy up your desk, and collect your thoughts before tackling the next item on your agenda. Grab a cup of coffee, check in with your assistant, and stay on top of the little things.

01 Hour of Margin.

I recommend to all of my clients that they allow the last hour of their day to act as a buffer, meaning nothing is on the schedule during this time. Let’s go back to our glass full of water. When we leave the last hour of our day free, we leave space in the glass to deal with dropping lemons. Lemons are going to drop; that is unavoidable. But the best way to avoid overflow is to plan for it. Create space in your glass by leaving the last hour of your day open to handle the unexpected. [bctt tweet="The best way to avoid overflow is to plan for it." username="dukematlock"]

Bookend Your Day.

We have discussed this concept quite a bit on this blog. If you need a refresher, check out this blog post. Choosing an endpoint for your day allows you to go home and invest in your family and your personal life. The 50-10-01 Productivity Plan is all about creating margin in your day. Bookending your day is a vital step in creating margin.

Disconnect Days.

In order to maximize productivity, you have to be willing to take a step back from your day to day tasks to look at the big picture. When I am speaking with my clients, I recommend that they do this in two ways:  

1. First, set aside two days a month for planning. Spend these two days in the office, but don’t schedule appointments, attend meetings, or take phone calls. Devote these two days to planning for your big events and projects.

2. Second, set aside two days a quarter to cast vision. Spend these days out of the office; get away, spend some time alone, and rest. Pray about the coming months and discover what God has in store for the future.

  God has called you and equipped you for this moment of your life and this season in ministry. There is nothing you are facing today that God does not know about. It is our job as leaders and pastors not to strive for perfection, but to make the most of every opportunity. You need margin in your life to show up well and be ready to face whatever life throws you. You can succeed; you can make a difference. Implement this simple productivity plan and grow into the person God is calling you to be. [bctt tweet="God has called you and equipped you for this moment of your life and this season in ministry." username="dukematlock"]    


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