There has never been a time like we are in now. We’re in the middle of a window of opportunity, filled with potential. I’ve never seen a time where we as leaders have an opportunity to reach people as we do now. It’s not about how many are in the room anymore, in fact, it’s never been about that. It’s more so about how many are within your reach to influence, disciple, and impact. 

Think about the possibilities this year has brought. It’s come with many struggles no doubt, but could it be it took shutting everything down for us to get the fresh vision we needed to make lasting impacts? Pivots open the doors to new opportunities. We’ve had many pivots, haven’t we?

We’ve had to be more creative than ever before. We must lean in and make the most of the days we are in and the opportunity we have to reach people. And I’m not just talking about the digital reach of live church services. Let’s dream even bigger than that. Let’s dream of things that we never could have dreamed could be possible.

How do we begin reaching for more? Here are a few steps to take to begin.

  1. Ask yourself WHO are you trying to reach.

Once you nail down The Who, it will motivate you and give you the drive to then discover the HOW. Is it youth? Then maybe it’s downloading Tik – Tok and preaching to high schoolers. For example, I recently have heard of a ministry whose leaders have all created tik -toks and have seen more than thousands of salvations by preaching to high schoolers and reaching them where they are. Can you believe that? Not by gathering in big stadiums, not with the lights and cool bands, not with free pizza, just a simple app and the message of Jesus. 

God is looking for what is in your hands. Don’t buy into the lie that the church is dying. Now is the opportunity to BE the church and reach people we have missed by focusing on the four walls of a building.

  1. Take risks.

If we want to make an impact, it’s going to take major risks. The safest place we can be is usually the most uncomfortable place. The more we get creative, take risks, and live outside of our comfort zone, the greater the impact we will have.

We hope this inspires you to dream bigger, think outside the box, and take action. 

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