If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you are a leader in some capacity. Maybe you’re leading a church, a business, a small team, or your family… regardless of who you are leading, we’re all leading someone. 
There’s something I’ve noticed about certain leaders. The ones who break the boxes. The ones who aren’t afraid to step outside of the norm and do something new. They aren’t looking to copy methods, they’re the ones who create new methods and pave the way for things that have never been done before.
They have what I like to call “The Pioneer Spirit”.

I love what this article from Propel Women has to say about a pioneer:
“A pioneer is defined as someone who is “the first to open or prepare—a way, settlement or region—thus opening it for occupation or development by others.” In other words, a pioneer goes first. Before everyone else. They are selfless, assertive, and forward-thinking. A leader.”
(In this article, you will also find 6 characteristics of a pioneer and I’d highly recommend you read them!)
You aren’t called to just follow paths, you’re called to create new paths. You won’t always have someone affirming you. That’s okay. As long as you have a word from God, that’s all you need. You don’t need approval from anyone else. 
Social media and having access to everyone else lives are hindering our ability to trust our intuition and go after the things buried deep within we were made for. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing and play it safe, but it takes a lot of courage to make your own path. 
Don’t fall into the pressure. If God has spoken something specific, don’t waver. Don’t abort the dream at the expense of fitting in.

Having a pioneer spirit means…

The details won’t always be given to you (because you are the details)
The blueprints won’t be given to you (because the blueprints are within you)
The path will not be clear (because you’re the one paving the road)
“Then you will know which way to go since you have never been this way before…and the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:4-5).”
The journey might be lonely (because you’re on the front lines)
The process might take some time (because anything worth building takes time, patients, and perseverance)
What is God calling you to build? Where is He calling you to go? Lean in and embrace the risk of not knowing the details. Trust, like Joshua, that God will lead you as you step out.”
To read another article where we discussed what it takes to pioneer with a pioneer spirit, click here.





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