What’s your vision? Not just for the here and now, not just for 2021. What is the vision for your life? These questions might seem daunting. But today, I’m going to break it down and make it simple. Two reasons we lack clear vision:

1. We don’t know exactly what it is we want so we try to do a million things. The reason is a lack of clarity in our vision. You cannot do everything at once. Have you tried? How did that turn out? Yep. We’ve all been there. No shame.

2. We are trying to get a vision for our lives based on what we see everyone else is doing. Sometimes the road isn’t clear, and the details aren’t given, because you are called to pioneer a new path. YOU are the details.


In Michael Hyatt’s book “Vision Driven Leader” he quotes: “You can change the world with a clear vision. Every vision-driven leader is unafraid to take risks and do things outside of the box.”You have to be willing to take risks. If it makes no sense, seems impossible, and it’s way above what you are qualified for, that’s when you probably know you have found your vision. Sure, you can play it safe. You can do what everyone else is doing. But those usually aren’t the people who shape history. If you want to make a lasting impact, you’ve got to be a leader who is unafraid of risk and stick to the clear vision God has given you.

So HOW can you get clarity on your vision? The first step is to ask yourselves the hard questions. Remove distractions, take time if you can to fast and pray and seek God for what he has for you. Something remarkable happens when you unplug from the constant noise, distractions, and pace of life to think, ponder, and get in touch with your thoughts.


  1. What makes you come alive?
  2. What is the solution you bring to a problem?
  3. What has God called you to do that no one else can?


How to prepare your vision:

  1. Go to a creative space.
  2. Write out your dreams, ideas, and where you are heading as if it is already done.
  3. Be specific and detailed.
  4. Keep your vision either on paper, on a board, or in a document you can easily access and review.


As a leader with clear vision, you bring energy and innovation and change the status quo. It’s never too late. Trust your intuition — It’s already within you. It may be simple, it may be wild, it may not make any sense, but that’s usually how you know you’re on the right path. Write the vision, make it clear, and don’t stop believing in it until it’s your reality.

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