We’ve all heard the quote “Slow and steady wins the race” right? But how many of us do believe that? We like the idea of it, we read books on it, but are we living it? Before we dive into this, I want to first discuss why we have a hard time with this sustained pace approach. It’s really simple. Are you ready? We don’t like anything slow. Period. If it takes time, forget it. We want things to happen RIGHT NOW. The “all or nothing” mindset kills more dreams than anything else. We feel that everything has to happen right away and take off and become an overnight success. And if it doesn’t, we quit. Then we go on to the next thing, and the next… you see the cycle? Growth in any area never happens overnight. Here are some of the downfalls, even if it does…


  1. Burn – out
  2. Stress and anxiety 
  3. Not fully present with God and people 


When things grow too big, too fast, our souls are usually the first things out the door. We end our neglecting our own needs, and then also our families’ needs. So you might have a thriving ministry or business, but how’s your home life? How’s your mental health? How’s your intimacy with God? We compare our small business with those who have been in business for 10+ years. We compare our church conference to the one down the road who’s been leading our conferences for decades, who started just like you. We compare our growth, to someone who’s been working on that same area for months upon months and has failed at it more times than you could imagine. We can’t rush growth. We can’t force growth. And we sure can’t fake growth. Can I get an amen to that?

Here’s what we can do. We can determine within ourselves that we will focus on a sustained pace this year. We will remove the pressure off our backs saying everything needs to happen RIGHT NOW, and we will come to a resolution that it will be okay if it takes longer than we expected. Remember, we’re skipping stones this year. One stone at a time. There’s no pressure. This is not a race. Who you are matters. The health of your well being, and your walk with God. 


Here’s a simple process to follow:


1. Know your vision. 

2. Create habits and small goals to get there.

3. Stay consistent.


It’s that simple. 


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