Having the ability to manage a group of people is yet another necessary skill to have if you are in a leadership role. This skill requires patience, respect, organization, and good communication. Rather than barking orders to your team without explanation, managing people well means working with them and giving proper direction, all while building a network of trust amongst your team or department. Without sufficient explanation, they may not turn in their best work. Without sufficient trust, they may not feel safe enough to think outside of the box. While your employees should not necessarily have their hand held throughout their working process, they also shouldn’t be expected to read your mind.Without sufficient trust, your team may not feel safe enough to think outside of the box. Click To Tweet


According to Entrepreneur, “employees are adults and they deserve our respect. They deserve great leaders who can work together to help everybody succeed and do what’s best for their customers (or residents).” Make sure to treat your team like the competent adults that they are, while also giving them the guidance they need to efficiently finish the task given to them.
Inc. gives some tips in order to properly manage a team of individuals:

  • Delegate wisely — establish authority and get things done without micromanaging
  • Set goals — keep goals specific and measurable; monitor progress
  • Communicate — give employees the information they require to get the job done efficiently
  • Make time for employees — if a problem arises for an employee, set work aside and listen
  • Recognize achievements — when an employee does a good job, make it known to them
  • Think about lasting solutions — deal with the cause of the problem rather than a quick fix


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You can also check out The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People for a practical book on managing people.

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