We are coming close to the end of our 50-10-01 Productivity Plan breakdown. It’s hard to believe we’ve already covered so many different things! Last week in particular was incredibly important. Taking a few days a month to disconnect and look at the big projects you have on the horizon will make all the difference in how you show up. Set aside two days a month to look ahead and you will be amazed at your ability to perform with excellence. But like I mentioned last week, there are two different types of disconnect days. The first was the two days we spend in the office, working on big events, projects, and tasks at hand. The second type, however, is crucial for you to lead your church and ministry well. I have always believed the in taking a few days every quarter, out of town and out of the office, to pray and seek God. You cannot lead your church if you do not know what God is looking to accomplish in and through your ministry. These disconnect days allow you to get away and listen to the voice of God. As I look back on my years in ministry, these retreats have been the mile markers on my journey. My most intimate, formative, and constructive moments with God have happened because I set aside the time to get alone with him and listen to his voice. I couldn’t look ahead in ministry until I spent this time with the Father. [bctt tweet="You can't look ahead in ministry until you spend time with the Father." username="dukematlock"] These trips are not vacations or getaways; you are doing the spiritual work and preparation required to lead your people well. You will cast vision, write sermons, and look ahead to see what God is going to accomplish in the long run. You will not spend these days looking at what is coming up over the next few weeks; you will be thinking in terms of months and years ahead, not days or weeks. It is on these trips that God will speak to your heart and show you where he wants you to take your ministry. Remember, your aim on these disconnect days are to cast vision for the future and listen to the voice of God. I read an article recently that said vision should be clear, concrete, concise, and compelling. You cannot share a vision that you don’t understand yourself. Set aside the time to disconnect so you can get the clarity you need to carry out the vision of your ministry well. [bctt tweet="You cannot share a vision that you don’t understand yourself." username="dukematlock"] Take some time this week to look at the next few months. Find the time to get away and put it on your schedule. You will probably feel like you don’t have enough time for something like this, but I would argue that you don’t have the time to skip this. Your church and ministry needs you to show up well; this trip will help you do just that.  


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