What do you love to do? What sets your soul on fire? What keeps you up at night? What brings you energy and life? Chances are, the answer is connected to your passion. I’ve always called to the ministry. And have lived my whole life with a sense that I am in my calling. If you asked me what I feel called to do, It’s always been to help people grow. Your calling is not a limiting factor. My calling to ministry has looked different throughout my life. I’ve planted a church, I have been a lead pastor, and now I coach leaders and pastors. But the calling is still the same. To help people grow – which is the result of who I am. Generous, forgiving, and a leader. I couldn’t do what I do, without first becoming the right person for the job.

Discovering what you love to do doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. If you love to write, how can you find a career or way to make money writing? If you love communicating, how can you make money talking? There are many people out there who don’t have what you have and need your gifts! When what you do flows from who you are and who God has uniquely designed you to be, there will be a strong sense of fulfillment. Now, will there be times where we may not feel like we are “thriving” or in our sweet spot? Of course! But I would encourage you to talk this out with a trusted friend. Seek God and ask Him what His plan and purpose for your life are. Ask him to guide you and begin to step out into areas that bring you life and a sense of purpose. 
Don’t let fear hold you back from stepping out. In an article written about 4 reasons to do what you love for a living, it says: “Many people are too afraid to follow their dreams and do what they love. Think about what you would say to a friend or your loved one. Would you discourage them from doing what makes them happy simply because it’s risky? When you do take that leap yourself, you become an inspiration to others.” 
And if you already know what you’re passionate about, continue to focus on those areas and grow in them! I wrote an article on 8 steps to polish your passion you can read about it here: 

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