In part four of our series, Leaning Into Hard Times, we’re diving right into the best part of the series. The expansion. When Jesus was taken back to heaven, it was not the end, it was just the beginning. Little did the disciples know just how large of an expansion would come after Jesus was taken back up to heaven. Life has a funny way of throwing plot twists, changing things up, and going in a direction we wouldn’t have planned, yet better than we could have expected! It’s what we do in the process of hard times that makes us ready for the expansion. 

The disciples found that as they leaned into their mission, they found they had an expansion. In a moment the church grew from 300 to 3,000! Through watching their dream die, they leaned in, and they grew into their next moment. For every setback, there is the next level. 

So what does that look like for you and me? And for our churches?

During these times, we must lean into the gifts and talents within ourselves and our teams, pull it out, and prepare for what is to come. The way we do life is changing every day. We can either resist the change or lean into it and prepare for the greatest expansion the church has ever seen! 

When the expansion comes, will you be ready? This is a good question to ask ourselves. How are you living every day to prepare in faith for the next level? How does that affect your daily life? How can we start living now, in faith, for what we are believing to happen in the months to come? 

We can prepare by,

  1. Getting in the Word
  2. Staying consistent and committed to the mission
  3. Engaging with what is happening in the world

As we lean in, look up, engage with the mission, and prepare for the expansion, we are building our faith that believes even amid hard times, anything is possible. Nothing is impossible for God. He loves to show up in the most unexpected ways and when we least expect it. We still have half a year left of 2020, who knows what is ahead. Who knows the breakthrough and revival that could be on the other side of these hard times. Remain hopeful. The best is yet to come. 


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