In part three of our series, Leaning Into Hard Times, I will be sharing practical ways of how engaging with the mission will keep us focused outward and keep us moving forward with hope. 

What we saw in the life of the disciples after Jesus ascended into heaven was a sense or urgency and a new mission. They didn’t stay stuck on how things were before, but were quick to engage with the mission Jesus had given them. Out of their prayer in the upper room came a sense of unction. Out of that came an opportunity to preach. People were gathered from all different tribes and counties. All in the same room. What a beautiful picture of unity! It was from that place they were filled, and then sent. But it first started with engaging. In order to engage, all forms of passivity must be broken. The moment we allow ourselves to sit back on the sidelines, we will become numb to the brokenness around the world and unengaged with God’s heart on how we can be a solution.

When we are in difficult times and don’t know what’s next, we will get through by leaning into the calling God has placed on our lives. To see the need, engage with the need, and be an example of love to a broken world, we must lean in now more than ever. If we are not the church in turmoil, then when are we the church? This is our time to rise up as leaders and fight for unity, 

There are so many ways we can engage with the mission of Jesus in simple and practical ways. Be careful not to overthink and over complicate it. There is power in simplicity! If you’re not sure what it looks like, just seek wisdom. Ask God, engage in conversations with others or ask around and see where a need is, then meet the need. It’s that simple!

How can you lean into your God-given assignment during these times? It looks different for every one of us. But one way we can start is by looking inward. Asking ourselves the hard questions. 

“Will I be a leader who sits on the sidelines, or will I choose to engage, even when it makes me uncomfortable?”

“Will I choose to not just listen, but engage with the mission?”

“Will I show up to love over and over again, even if it means sacrificial love?”

The time for action is now. Let’s engage, fight for unity, and be love to a broken world.


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