How does a leader rest? Sometimes, it feels like the question is: How can a leader rest? How can a leader rest when there’s so much to do? When there are so many people counting on them? When their home-life is in a state of chaos? Rest is essential in leadership for a lot of reasons:

  • Rest allows space for peace.
  • Rest allows space for vision.
  • Rest allows space for fun.
  • Rest allows space for growth.
  • Rest allows space for God.
… and many more! [bctt tweet="Rest allows space for vision." username="dukematlock"] This time of year is known for being a season for stress. According to a Healthline survey, a good majority of surveyors admit to having some kind of stress during the holiday season. Because along with the other stresses of life, the holidays bring additional stressors—financially, emotionally, physically. And when we find ourselves in a hyper sense of stress, rest is not only nice, it’s essential. That’s why I’m excited to start a new, 5-week blog series called How a Leader Rests. Over the next few weeks, I will walk you through four ways leaders can prioritize rest in their everyday lives. Each week, we will talk about what it means to:

1. Find your safe place.

2. Find true Sabbath.

3. Find fulfillment in your family.

4. Find time with God.

If you find yourself ridden with anxiety, or like the weight of the world is constantly sitting on top of your shoulders, this series is for you! If you feel like you’re just not very good at rest, this series is for you too. In fact, I challenge you to walk through the next four lessons with your family, coworkers, friends, and fellow leaders … because we could all use a little rest! Who will you invite to join us?    


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