When it comes to overcoming pressing moments, planning ahead is key to keeping us from possibly even entering into pressing moments. Not always, but often we find ourselves in situations that could have been avoided if we had properly planned. When things start to pile up and tasks go incomplete, it can end up pushing us over the edge, leaving us stressed out and in over our heads. All of this can be avoided with simply taking the time to plan and prepare the best we can for the unexpected. In order to grow, we need to have a vision and plan for where we are heading. Without a vision, we will walk around in circles not having a goal to reach for. But on the flip side, when we have a vision and a plan, the sky is the limit to what we can accomplish.

Here are two of the major benefits of planning ahead:

1. It keeps us from procrastination

When we plan ahead, we will have a better timeframe of knowing when we need to do the things in front of us. We will be able to set next action steps and due dates to keep us from stress down the road. Planning gives us the freedom to have a better understanding of everything happening and coming up in our lives

2. It gives us permission to rest

Planning ahead gives us the freedom to rest knowing we have already done the work of preparing a plan for some of life’s hard decisions that need to be made. It’s what allows us to rest freely and trusting the plan in place. When we get ahead and know that we have already prepared, it gives us a deeper rest. A lot of times we end up in stressful situations because we put ourselves in them. But with planning, we will avoid those situations and find ourselves more capable of coming through more efficiently on projects and goals in our lives.

So how do you plan ahead? Here are 4 steps:

1. Write out a list of things you need to get done

2. Write out next action steps

3. Set calendar reminders/time blocks to get it done

4. Implement

Our challenge for you this week is to take these four steps and put them into practice. How can you start planning your weeks out in advance to help you become more efficient in your work? We can’t wait to hear about the amazing results this will have in your life!


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