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Increase Leadership Capacity





Assess where you are...

The best place to begin is with a clear picture of where you are. Assessments allow for that to happen. Using your results, we can assess your personality, and leadership skills that aid us in mapping the best process for you to grow. With Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, you will self assess 18 different leadership skills that will be rated on a continuum. 

  • Personality

    Assess your personality to see where your energy flows and should be focused. 

  • Leadership

    Assess your leadership skill to gain lazer focus on how you show up when leading and how you can grow your leadership capacity.

  • Map Out the Process

    We will work with you to map out small, specific, attainable steps toward your goal in leader growth and development. 

Coach where you want to go...

Coaching has the ability to focus your desire to grow as a leader and as a person into goals and actionable steps. Coaching is for leaders, ministers, business owners, parents, or anyone else wanting to accelerate growth, create margin their life, increase leadership skills, or set and reach important goals.

  • Create Margin - Maximize your Energy

    Begin with a guided approach to learn what will maximize your energy: 
          - How you close your day
          - How you start your day
          - How you manage your day

  • Goal Setting

    Coach toward a paradigm change in habit based personal leadership. 

    Small Decisions + Consistently Performed + Over Time = Exponential Growth

  • Coach your Work

    You bring the decisions and challenges you face to each call where we will coach next steps. You set the coaching agenda.

Available Packages

  • Personal Executive Coaching

    Receive Leadership Coaching, Life Fulfillment Coaching, Executive Coaching, or a combination of the three. Grow with Duke as your coach. It includes:

    One on one coaching 2 times per month + Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® unpacking session


  • Team Coaching

    Team coaching is focused on developing productive, healthy habits within your organization. Using your assessment results, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, allowing you to see opportunities for growth. Each Team Coaching process is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. 


  • Mastermind Group - COMING SOON

    This process is designed for high impact leaders looking for accelerated progress. You will receive training, coaching, and insight from your peers over a six month period with 12 other achievers.


I am a husband, a dad, a son, and a brother, who writes and speaks about personal and professional leadership. I live and lead with the end in mind. At the end of the day, my hope is that you will say, "that guy is a giver."

I have been a pastor and coach for over 30 years. Today, I work full time as a coach, speaker, and writer. I am the Founder of Invest Leadership Initiative where I help leaders facing personal and organizational challenges develop and grow by investing in themselves, assuring the realization of success and life fulfillment.

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