As leaders, we all carry a lot of weight in our lives. It seems like the work load never ends and the demands of life never stops. So, if you are feeling burnt out, you are not alone and you will get through this. Your creativity will come back. You will find rest for your soul again. And you will continue to thrive. 

Although there’s no step by step plan to get right back on track and past the phase of burn out, we believe these three action steps will give you fresh perspective, renew your mind, and refresh your soul.

Here are three steps to renewal:

1. Take a vacation or day-cation

Depending on your situation, if a vacation is not possible, taking a day or weekend off to unplug will help us to heal quickly and refresh our minds. It’s important than when you take a vacation, work stays behind. A vacation is time set aside to fully engage in people, hobbies, rest, and fun! Work can wait, but your soul needs this time of rest.

2. Remind yourself of your why

If you’ve never written out the “why” behind what you do, write it out and read it out loud. Remind yourself why you do what you do. Reflect on the purpose of your life and who you are created to be. We are human beings before we are human doings. Our life was created to have meaning. Remind yourself of that as many times as you need until you believe it and live from that place. You will begin to see work differently, life differently, and feel purpose in what you do.

3. Simply your work load and ask for help

You can simplify your work load by writing out your priorities, timelines, and organizing your tasks. Take time to write out the pace you want to set for your work so you can tackle it little by little knowing that you already have a timeline in place to make sure the work still gets done. Know when to ask for help and when to bring people in. Find tasks that you can pass on and hand them off to a trusted person. 

Now these are only three and we could have shared many more, but it’s a great place to start. We hope this article is an encouragement to you and gives you fresh vision on how you can start fresh and get right back on track! You’re doing better than you think. 


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