If you’re reading this blog, my guess is you are a high-capacity leader who is always growing, always looking ahead, and always setting goals and milestones to reach. Around this time of year, it’s a fresh start for many. Maybe you’ve gotten off track, slacked on some of your goals, and you’re ready for the new. Before getting started on goal setting, there’s one step we often miss. The foundation. Setting goals for the sake of setting goals might bring you success and wins, but if they aren’t the wins God has called you to, the win is a waste. The reality is, there are many things you COULD do with this new year, but just because you could, doesn’t mean you should. It takes work, clarity, self-discipline, and listening to God to decipher what is good and what is best. This may be an unpopular opinion, but we cannot do everything. At least not at once. If we want to execute our goals with excellence, we’re going to need a FOCUSED vision.


Here are the 3 steps to getting clarity in your goals and a focused vision:

1. Look back + look ahead.

Look back at what you’ve done up until this point. What are you most proud of? What are the goals you have set and achieved that you are glad you did? Now, look ahead. What will you be proud you did in the next 5 years? Keep in mind the goals you set today, are building your future. Whatever goals you set, need to be aligned with your values and what you are called to.

2. Write it down!

In this article, it says “Put your list of goals somewhere that you’ll see it every day. This will serve as an ongoing reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. And don’t forget to record your progress: if your goal is to exercise more, then keep track of every day you make it to the gym. Remember the old saying, “what gets measured, gets done.”

3. Set small, achievable goals underneath the bigger goals.

By breaking your goals down into smaller goals, it will seem less daunting and more achievable, giving you a sense of satisfaction when you can see you are making progress. With a strong foundation, clarity in your goals, and a plan of action, you will be prepared to execute and set yourself up for a win in 2022!

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