This post is a part of our New Year’s Book Club! If you haven’t already, check out our introduction post to learn more about book club and download our free resources! You can purchase the book here. What comes to mind when you hear the word “goal”? Often times, we think goals that are fun don’t really count. We aren’t working hard enough, we aren’t suffering enough to make the work effective. Jon throws that myth right out the window in Chapter 4 as he discusses the importance of fun when it comes to finishing goals. In fact, it’s proven that making goals fun means it’s more likely you’ll finish your goals (and actually enjoy doing it!) “… Scientifically speaking, joyless goals fail.” (pg. 55) He also talks about “hiding places” and “noble obstacles.” “A hiding place is an activity you focus on instead of your goal. A noble obstacle is a virtuous-sounding reason for not working toward a finish.” (pg. 75) These things provide us with a false sense of peace and a false sense of importance or productivity … when in reality, you aren’t making much progress.



1. Fun isn’t optional.

You’re less likely to accomplish your goals if you hate doing them; and if you do finish them, you’re miserable in the process — and what good will that bring? If your goals aren’t naturally fun, it’s important to make them that way. The likelihood of completing your goal will increase when you do!

2. Fun is weird.

As Jon said, everyone is motivated differently. And because fun is so personal, your definition of fun might look weird to others. Your “reward” or “fear” motivators might look different, too. That’s okay! Find out what works uniquely for you, because that’s going to be the most effective in your goal-finishing journey. “Weird works, and perfection absolutely hates it.” (pg. 66)

3. Your ‘hiding places’ and ‘noble obstacles’ will keep you distracted.

Two of the biggest takeaways from this chapter were: If you’re someone who likes to start new projects before you’ve finished old ones, make those new projects a reward for finishing the one you’re working on; and, “finishers make things easier and simpler.” If you want to get something done, stop making your goals so complicated.

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WEEK 3 LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: Make your goals more fun.

How will you make your goals more fun? Think creatively and be honest with yourself about what motivates you. Use some of Jon’s examples in the book for inspiration. Write your game plan down on the back of your Challenge Worksheet for Week 3, and keep track of your progress throughout the week. If you haven’t downloaded our Challenge Worksheet, you can grab it for free here. What did you learn this week? Be sure to share your progress with us by using the hashtag #ILIreads and #ILIFinish!



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