We’ve all been there. When we find ourselves in a slump and hit with exhaustion wondering how we will manage to get through our endless to-do lists for the week ahead. Whether that’s where you’re at, or you’re in the zone killing it every day. I believe these 4 steps will boost productivity in every area of your life!


1. Exercise 

When we start our day with exercise, it’s been proven to increase our productivity throughout our day. Our mind will be clearer, we’ll have more energy, and we will feel productive before we even start the day giving us a great start! 


2. Meal Prep 

Our food also has a big impact on the clarity of our minds. What we eat can either make us tired or it can make us energized. One way to ensure we are filling our bodies with good foods and avoiding daily fast food is by taking just a couple of hours before the week starts to meal prep. You can find plenty of meal prep tips online with easy and simple ways to start!


3. Routines

Creating a routine and sticking with not only helps build healthy rhythms in our lives, but it will remove any extra stress from not having a plan or not having clarity on what’s on our plate. Create a healthy routine that works best for you with your schedule, work out schedule, work out schedule, and family schedule and you will find you have more time, more energy, and more clarity and vision for what you are working on.


4. Sleep

Sometimes the best thing we can do is get a good night of sleep. Research says we need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. When we prioritize sleep, we will have more clarity and energy to complete all that we need within a day and not feel like we are simply surviving off of caffeine.


There are so many more ways to help boost productivity, but we believe by focusing on these four: Exercise, nutrition, good routines, and deep sleep, it will set us up for success every day. 


So here’s your challenge this week to boost productivity:

Try it out. Set a goal to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, make healthy choices, create a good routine, and try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and track your productivity. See how it improves! We believe in you and want you to succeed, and we are here to help make that happen. 




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